SGU - Eli is like WTF?

This LJ is now Friends Only.

I've decided to sort of "close" my LJ to outsiders, although my friends can still interact with me.

For those who've come here looking for my stories, you can find each and every one of them on my AO3 page, where I exist as [redacted] (and it's also where I post new fic; it's not only the older stuff you may remember). You can also find me at my tumblr: [redacted] if it pleases you.

Best of luck to all of you!


(The links out are to my stuff, but you should know that you go at your own risk. -grins- I can't be held responsible if you see or read about nekkie people.)

ETA: I've redacated the ways to follow me, but left this journal here in case I ever come back. It was nice knowing you folks.